Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Heart Beats" Valentine Bookmark Tutorial

Here are the "Heart Beats" that I made for my Valentine swap I told you about a few days ago!  I hope you like and enjoy the tutorial to make them yourself, but I warn you they are addicting!

4 – 3” squares of fabric
1 – 22” length of 1/8” ribbon or baby rick rack
Small amount of stuffing (We used Bamboo stuffing by Fairfield, very soft)
    1.    Place 2 fabric squares right sides together and using heart template trace onto fabric. 
    Repeat for 2nd heart.                                                                    

2.   Place one end of the 22” ribbon between the 2 fabrics at the top of the heart and pin
      as shown. 
3.  Using a small stitch length (1.5) stitch on the drawn line; (at the heart top, stitch back  
    and forth to secure   the ribbon) leaving a ¾” opening along 1 straight edge for turning.  
    Keep the other end of the ribbon sticking out through the opening being careful not to 
    stitch the ribbon.

4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 for remaining heart fabric squares.
5. Trim the hearts out leaving about a ¼” allowance and be careful not to cut ribbon at
   opening.  Clip curves to make it smoother when turning.  Turn (It was helpful to use a 
   small straw and bodkin for turning; the bodkin’s ball end helps push out the curves when 
   turning) and stuff lightly.  


6.  Using a ladderstitch, hand stitch heart openings closed.  Embellish with seed beads or 
     whatever you have on hand.

  Happy Valentine's Day!

Until the next post Have Fun Quilting!



JustJoyce said...

Fun stuff as always.

Lisbeth said...

I love my bookmark! Thanks so much for a great swap - somehow, I completely forgot the bit about making it no more that 8"x10"...I hope you didn't mind too much! :)