Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Quilting?


So what is all this about Modern Quilts and Quilting?  I am sure if you are surfing quilts on the web the subject will pop up!  My opinion is that those of us that quilt in 2012 are all Modern Quilters.  Most of us use the latest notions, tools, and fabric available to us.  

The Modern Quilting Guilds that are popping up all over the country and world is kind of a phenomenon, attracting lots of 20 - 30 year olds that can’t seem to get enough of this fabulous craft called quilting; yes, they are hooked and I am grateful for that.  After all haven't us oldies who have been quilting for 20 - 40 years want them to experience and love quilting!  I know I have heard it and said it myself over the years - How do we get the younger generations excited about quilting? The truth is they are excited and it’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm in their eyes as they start the next project.  We can relate to that enthusiasm as we who truly love quilting have felt the very same thing. We should make sure we are available to help them with techniques and show them what inspires us as I am sure these same patterns, fabrics and techniques will inspire them as well, but with a “Modern Twist” and that is refreshing.  Just search Modern Quilts on the web to see what they are making, you will see what I mean.

What I love about this "Modern Quilting" movement is that there are very little inhibitions holding them back.  By this I mean they are not as concerned to cut and sew perfectly, if the project does not turn out the way they thought they just go with it and make it work!  I think this is a wonderful thing: they are enjoying the process of quilting and touching fabric, they are seeing the beautiful colors and designs we have available to us today and just like us, can't stop.  Quilting is a universal language/craft that we (quilters) all understand, it is in our blood and the next project is in our mind, always!  We are living, thinking quilting. How wonderful that the “Modern Quilters” are just like us “Older Quilters”, this I believe will never change!

Click here to read a great article about the “Modern Quilt” movement by the "Modern Quilt" movement!

Until the next post Happy Quilting!


JustJoyce said...

Maybe that is what I was this week, a Modern quilter. I decided to make a rag quilt and wanted to do something besides squares so I just came up with my own pattern, it turned out great.