Friday, August 3, 2012

Been away for awhile!

I haven't made a post in awhile because we have been busy with Jamie, Jon and Jared!  They came to Houston for 10 days and we had a wonderful time!  It sure went fast.  We all caught up with friends, did some sewing and a lot of playing with Jared!  Jamie and I worked on our book, picked all the fabrics for the 9 projects and started getting really excited.  It will be released in May 2013!  Stay tuned for more peeks of the projects as we are working on them! Moda, Dear Stella and Free Spirit provided us with the fabrics for the projects and we are so excited to put the fabrics to work!  The photo below is all of us, boy we really miss them but will be together again in October for Quilt Market.

Until the next post Happy Quilting!