Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am so blessed to have 2 daughters that love to quilt/sew! It is so much fun when we can be together and sew, there is always laughter and lots of creative juices flowing when we are together. My husband Logan is never far and joins us too, adding a wonderful perspective to the creative flow.  I don't know how he does it, with 3 females always getting the final say but he tries and seems to enjoy it too! Laurel surprised me with some embroidery she is working on for my birthday present. It is a scene from our front yard.  I feed the birds and squirrels there and so enjoy watching them!  When I see the squirrels and birds looking for food I say "Just a moment" as I run in the house to get them their food. I never realized I say that to them but Laurel did as she wrote it on the embroidery scene. Thanks Laurel for noticing and making this special treat just for me!

Until the next post Happy Quilting!


JustJoyce said...

Jill, both your girls have grown into wonderful, beautiful,thoughtful, young women.I think that is because they had great role models. Happy Belated Birthday. I wish you were still open, I would be more motived to do some quilting. It seems like all I have been doing this summer is machine embroidery projects.

Jill Rimes said...

Thanks Joyce! You have a wonderful daughter too, we are blessed!

Sarah in Houston said...

That Laurel is a really sweet girl! Hugs to you all

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! What a wonderful gift you have given your girls- the desire to create things. So underrated.