Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stethoscope Pouch

As some of you know our daughter Laurel is in nursing school. This summer we talked about making a pouch for her stethoscope. Well all of a sudden it's October and summer has gone!  It just so happens that Laurel's birthday was this week and I thought I need to surprise her with a stethoscope pouch.  One of Laurel's favorite fabric designers (she has many) is Chez Moi for Moda so I used their line called "Sophie".  She also loves flying geese blocks so it was certain that I had to include those as well. This is what I came up with, as you can see in the photo above.  It was so much fun making it for her and as I was making it, I was so excited that she had no idea I was making it.  Boy was it hard not mentioning it to her without giving away the surprise!  Its really hard for Jamie and I to keep surprises a secret!  

As you can see Laurel was surprised!  Happy Birthday our awesome Laurel!

Below are some more photos of the pouch.  If you would like to make a stethoscope pouch please let me know and I will write up a pattern for it.  

                                                 Pouch Back                              Pouch Front

Until the next post Happy Quilting!


Diane said...

Pattern, please!

JustJoyce said...

Very sweet. Love the picture of Laurel.

Jill Rimes said...

Thanks I will start working on a pattern!

Carla said...

Would love a pattern. My daughter just graduated in May and start working as an RN in June in College Station.
Have you hugged a Nurse today? or sent them some love. ;o)