Monday, March 11, 2013

To Sash or Not To Sash, That is the Question

Jamie designed a new quilt! The quilt uses 16 fat quarters, which I like since we all have lots of fat quarters in our stash.  I really liked her design but I thought, how would it look if sashing were added? So I started playing with sashing strips and decided upon 1" strips. What do you think?
Sashing or no sashing? I think the quilt looks great either way, but which do you prefer? I will be adding a border to the quilt and hope to have it done by this weekend. It's fun playing with sashing so if you are working on a quilt, think about adding a sashing to it just to change it up a little. You might be surprised with the result!  

Without Sashing
With Sashing

Until the next post Happy Quilting!



debstokes said...

I prefer your sashing - I would not have thought to try that! Deb

Jill Rimes said...

Hi Deb
Thanks for your comment and I hope I gave you an idea to try to add sashing to a quilt just to change it up a little!! Happy Quilting

JustJoyce said...

I love it both ways also. I think I like the one with the sashing. ANother great looking quilt Jamie.

Jill Rimes said...

Thanks Joyce!! Happy Quilting!

Molly said...

Love the sashing! Gives it a whole different look.

Jill Rimes said...

Thanks Molly!