Saturday, December 7, 2013

Some Recent Quilts

So I have not been very good about blogging these last few months but am ready to dive back in! We have had some health issues but things are getting back to normal and I love that. 

 I wanted to show you some quilts I just finished for a client. The job was to come up with 6 different lap size quilts. Easy right, well the challenge was to use a wedding dress from the early 1900's, a high school letter jacket from early 1900 and an old hand appliqued quilt from the late 1800's in each quilt. Not necessarily lots of the 3 items but a hint of them in each quilt. Can you find where I put them? I had so much fun designing the quilts and incorporating the 3 sentimental pieces in each design. The client was delighted and shed a tear.  When I see a tear I know I've met the challenge and realize these quilts will be loved and cherished. What a blessing that is for me and am so glad God gave me the gift of quilting!

Until the next post Happy Quilting!


Anonymous said...

Great job of hiding those bits, and making such different patterns. God bless you, and may your health problems be history.

Jill Rimes said...